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FST video corporate- FST menuju wawasan

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This video is create by our group members- (faris, pian, mizi, & me)

cHeMisTrY 2008 - 2012

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This page is about the website that I always used in order to search the information. You can try finding the information with the link. It is not disappointing.

Picasa - Formula Emperic Experiment

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This video is about the experiment done in determining the emperical formula of a compound. the method and apparatus are shown in the video. the video is created using Picasa software.

video gallery

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this page is related to the website that I usually use to get the information and entertainment regarding the videos. let's try out the links. Have fun!!!

Reflection on Smart Board

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Smart board lesson… a very fun class. First time I had been introduced to the special board, I really amazed. Is that magic? Hahaha.. that’s was my first taught. But after the long and informational explanation by miss asmayati helped by madam johana, I understand more about the magic board.
Smart board is actually an interactive white board which provides a touch control of computer applications and annotation over Microsoft Windows applications. The smart board can detect user input that are equivalent to normal PC input devices such as mouse and keyboard. To display the output video from computer, a projector is used and functions as the touchscreen. Smart board has 4 different colour pen and also an whiteboard eraser. This utensil can be used for handwriting or drawing as it use the active digitizer that controls the PC input information for writing capabilities.
The smart board is really an interesting apparatus and useful. Students will attract to it and will pay attention in a lesson. Teacher will have a great time teaching the children.

CaReeR DeVeLoPMeNt pLaN


My poin of view in all the lesson that had been given by my lovely lecturer in this course, Miss Asmayati:

Microsoft PowerPoint, Cool Iris and Piclen
Smart Board


this page is related to the activity that I involved and extra information that you can get about chemistry world:

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